The Portland Waterfront with Sophia DeGrazia

The DeGrazia’s are one of my new favorite families! .

After our teams danced on Saturday, I took a break from the Oireachtas action and rode the light rail across the river for my obligatory trip to Voodoo Doughnuts. Knowing this would be my only chance sightseeing, I took a detour to grab a shot of the White Stag sign and wander back along the waterfront on my way to the train stop. It was gorgeous! I needed to shoot here. I texted Mrs. DeGrazia on the ride back to see if there was any chance of moving my Sunday afternoon session with Sophia across the water to the park that I’d found. They loved the idea. 

Did I mention I love the DeGrazia family? Mom, Dad, Sophia, and I had taken no more than 10 steps from the train before I said “Let’s grab a quick photo here.” (The first photo posted below). We walked another minute down the block and again, “Is a quick shot here ok?” This happened the WHOLE shoot! I just couldn’t help it. Whether we came to a “new” old brick building facade, Sophia’s outfit matched the color of the fall leaves, or the sun highlighted Sophia’s profile perfectly, inspiration struck every few steps and the DeGrazia Fam didn’t mind one bit. .

The air was cold, the light was perfect, and Sophia nailed Every. Single. Shot.  Sophia is an incredible dancer, and used her years of solo and figure choreography training to create absolutely stunning looks and lines.

Such a joy to work with!!